I was born in 1976 in a small town surrounded by beautiful mountains in Slovakia.
 I remember when I was 8 years old, my father gave me a camera to take some pictures while on a school trip. I got so excited  ...but when my father developed the film , there was nothing on it, it was over exposed...So I decided to do sport (swimming) and compose music .
I studied music composition at the Conservatory of Bratislava. My B.A in Music was received from University of Performing Arts in Bratislava in 2008.
In 2008 I decided to go abroad and studied music at Canterbury Christ Church University and sound design at National Film and TV School in Beaconsfield. 
(Master of Arts, 2012). 
It was there  where I rediscovered the passion for visual storytelling and creative fineart photography . I  dedicated next 7 years exploring this medium .
It is the application of the diffuse and specular reflection of light through which I express myself as an artist. I work solely on my own, using real people as my models and my images are created optically (in camera) on the production set which I design and illuminate .  
My artwork is about archetypal reflections of many faces of humanity and of the psyche.
My great uncle was a director of Bratislava City Gallery and I was exposed to visual art from an early age . Oil paintings hanging on the walls at my family house fascinated me.
Nowadays, I especially admire 'Mary with the sleeping baby Jesus' by Luini Bernardino,  ‘Susanna and The Elders’ by Guido Reni,   ‘Return of the Prodigal Son’ and ‘Woman bathing in a stream’ by Rembrandt, ‘Melancholia’ by Albert von Keller, to name the few. The quality of their consciousness, and degree of presence of these Old Masters are truly liberating.

I  currently reside  in my native region Orava, in Slovakia.  


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